Who we are

Neuronix is the division of Sciabarra.com focused on Deep Learning and Computer Vision solutions.

The DroneTrainer project is the brainchild of Michele Sciabarra and Mirella Di Girolamo.

Mirella Di Girolamo

Mirella develops computer visions models in Python. She is usually pretty busy taking pictures and complaining there are not enough of them.

Mirella’s job, when she is not playing with Tensorflow for Neuronix, is to control Sciabarra.com finances and crunching numbers, developing predictive machine learning models.

Michele Sciabarra

Michele takes care of the software to control drones, configuring the servers and developing 3d models to instruct the machines.

Michele’s job, when he is not playing with robots and GPUs for Neuronix, is running Sciabarra.com and coding Serverless stuff in Go for Kubernetes.